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Welcome to sheungwan101

In this site, you'll find information about where to find the public toilets, supermarkets, laundry shops, locksmiths, clinics, fast-food places, post offices, libraries, hair-cut places, things that help you survive properly in Sheung Wan. Of course, we also include a little bit of information about the must-visit attractions in Sheung Wan. Although there are already thousands of articles about , we also include a little bit of the information here in case you don't have much time to do any reseach elsewhere.

One more thing. Probably you have noticed, the English used in this site is not native-English. Yes, we are a team of 100% local Hongkongers (born/grew up locally, educated locally), please pardon us if you find the information here a bit unclear because of our poor English writing skill. We very much welcome you to drop a line telling us what/where needs improvement.